Angel Food Cake By Bad Apple

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front of bad apple outer packaging

Buying Angel Food Cake

We bought Angel Food Cake at Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley. Or, maybe, we bought it at Rio Vista Farms. I can’t decide on where, because both places feel right. Anyway, I remember the Bad Apple packaging catching my attention. The bud-tender had good things to say about the strain. So we bought it.

Smoking Angel Food Cake

This strain is pleasant. The flower’s texture and flavor really stand out. The flower’s flavor impresses me the most.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • A jar of Angel Food Cake by bad apple which is powered by caliva
  • peaking over an open jar at an 8th of delicious flower by Bad Apple
  • a juicy nug sitting inside the cap of its jar

Angel Food Cake smells delicious. It smells herbaceous and sweet. The flower smells rich; it reminds me of tomato vines. My only issue is that smelling the weed gave me sinus problems.

This flower tastes superb. The flavor is nothing like the smell, however. Instead, the flavor is yeasty and bready. It tastes a lot like pancakes. I never get tired of the flavor. Unlike real pancakes, which I find overwhelming.

The texture is another surprising thing about this strain. The flowers are dense and fluffy. The leaves around the flower make it look awesome. The shape they have makes the bud look like little green nuggets of fire. This strain also has a thick layer of trichomes, which gives the buds a nice kiefy layer.

Experience & Effects

The high affects me in a very subtle way. It creeps up on me slowly. So I don’t feel the effects right away. Then, after about 15 minutes, I realize that I am very high and relaxed. The high is very pleasant. It keeps focused and feeling very chill. This strain reminds me of El Jefe, which is a bit stronger.


empty Bad Apple box and jar with the Angel Food Cake displayed in front of them.
The gang’s all here

Angel Food Cake is, probably, best for anyone that wants a subtle high that isn’t too intense. I love the high. However, it’s easy to will yourself to not feel the effects. The flavor and smell are quite distinct from each other. It’s part of the strain’s charm. Check out weedmaps if you want to try this strain. Wherever you decide to buy the strain, tell em we sent ya ;).

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