Abrakadabra: Canned Weed Magic

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Abrakadabra by Occidental Hills

Abrakadabra by Occidental Hills is canned and magical. They grow this strain somewhere in Sonoma Coast, Northern California. This weed is stored in a can. Occidental Hills has a patented nitrogen canning system. They preserve their weed with nitrogen. I don’t know if they still can their weed but I’m trying their canned weed.

I waited a long time to smoke this strain because I want to test how fresh it stays. The buds didn’t disappoint me. Even after I storred it for almost a year, the flower is still flavorful and robust. I love canned weed.

Abrakadabra Has Beautiful Color

The majority of the flower is dark green. It’s a very bold dark green with a deep purple marble. The buds have thin, deep brown hairs. The hairs have a lighter orange color around the outside. The mix of colors make Abrakadabra look very exotic and beautiful. The color scheme reminds me of the birds of prey flower.

Texture Is Very Sticky

This strain isn’t as fluffy as some. This grinds up to be very sticky and heavy. However, that’s mostly because the flower breaks up very easily. It grinds up very finely and it isn’t wet, but the keif is sticky. The stems are juicy, but they also break up easily.

Colorful Occidental Nugs of weed
Colorful Nugs

This Flower Smells Complex And Pleasant

Abrakadabra smells sweet, sugary and very fruity. It almost smells like Skittles. However, the smell is also very dank and earthy. The smell is very robust. The sweet notes make my nose tingle and the dank must lingers.

Abrakadabra Tastes Like Fruit

The flavor is very complex as well. This flower tastes fruity. It’s very sweet and also veery earthy. I love smoking Abrakadabra slow and tasting it. It’s very pleasant. It has a waxy aftertaste that reminds me of starburst candy. I guess Occidental Hills’ canning process really works.

The High Is Strong And Feels Amazing

The effects of the flower are amazing and i really enjoy them. Abrakadabra makes me very relaxed. I’m not euphoric, but I’m very numb. When I smoke it, it organizes my thoughts so I stay focused. I can still function very well after I smoke Abrakadabra because I keep my motor skills. Working is a breeze when I’m high on this strain.

The top of an occidental hills can of weed
I Really Do Love Canned Weed

Concluding My Review Of Canned Abrakadabra by Occidental Hills

Canning weed seems to be really effective. The smell and flavor are very strong. The high is not intense but it’s so very pleasant. There’s a stigma against canned weed, but I’m not convinced it’s bad. My experience thus far is very pleasant. Space Monkey Meds are also in the canned weed business. So it’s the grow that counts because their weed is fire also.

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