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A Jr of 24K by Pearl Pharma

We bought 24k at Rio Vista Farms. Rio Vista was the closest dispensary that had Pearl Pharma in stock; and also at a good price. We’ve been excited about trying some of Pearl Pharma’s strains because their marketing team is on-point with all the shiny labels.

Smoking 24K

I enjoy this strain. The experience is even overall. It’s quite enjoyable, but the effects of the high are something I’m not quite used to.

  • a jar containing an 8th of weed
  • lidded 8th of cannabis
  • 24K by Pearl Pharma

Smell, Taste, & Texture

24K smells sweet and earthy. It smells delicious like ripe, juicy mandarins. It’s not very potent, but the bouquet is still quite enjoyable.

This flower tastes clean as well. The smoke tastes clean and feels super smooth. The flavor is very mild and natural. This strain tastes earthy and a little musty. The flower doesn’t taste bad and it doesn’t leave a terrible aftertaste either.

The buds’ texture is super. The buds are fluffy but also quite dense. Each bud has a dusty layer of trichomes, but they’re not sticky.

Experience & Effects

24K has a potent high without being too heavy. The high helps with my anxiety, which is great. However, the effect also increases communication between my left and right brain. And I don’t know how to handle that. The high isn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means I don’t know how to make my brains co-exist without getting annoyed.


I really like this strain. The high isn’t heavy, but it’s potent. 24K calms me down, but it doesn’t take me over that edge to euphoria or happiness. It’s a good strain if you have something to do like a party or something to do outdoors. Brain activity shoots up like crazy, and I just wasn’t in the right place when I smoked it. I recommend it though because it’s smooth and as long as you have something to do, you’re golden. Drop by the Pearl Pharma website to check out their sick ass pics and behold the desire to smoke their strains. If you happen to stop by Rio Vista to buy, tell em we sent ya ;).

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