OZ Muffins By Cali Kosher

OZ Muffins by Cali Kosher

OZ Muffins’ texture is consistent with all the other Cali Kosher strains I’ve smoked. The texture is firm and dense. However, it’s not so firm that it doesn’t feel soft and spongy.

Lucy Lavender By Redwood Roots

lucy lavender by redwood roots

Buying Lucy Lavender Lucy Lavender is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. We bought this jar of deliciousness while at The Emerald Cup. We loved the aesthetic of the Redwood Roots stand. The vendors were giving off friendly vibes. So all we had to do is walk up and buy that shit. Which we did. Smoking Lucy Lavender Lucy Lavender is one of the best …

Banana Cream by Jahlibyrd

Jahlibyrd Box

BANANA CREAM BY JAHLIBYRD is an Indica dominant strain of cannabis. It’s a mix of Banana OG with Cookies and Cream. I always notice Jahlibyrd while visiting dispensaries around the Bay. Because their packaging is so shiny and I am a simple man. Buying Banana Cream I went to CBCB without a plan. Jahlibyrd’s flashy and outlandish packaging caught my eye again. So I asked …